Limits to Travel
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Blog - June 2011

International Transport Forum

I was invited by the OECD to prepare a paper for, and participate in the meeting of the International Transport Forum held in Leipzig  25-27 May 2011.  This is the annnual meeting on transport policy attended by ministers, officials, NGOs, trade associations, plus a few researchers.  I participated in a panel discussion on 'A Delicate Balance: Mobility and Access Needs' (see webcast) and in a side meeting on the possibility that demand for travel has saturated.

I'll blog separately on a some topics of interest.  A few nuggets below:

  • Human impact is as important as environmental impact.
  • Cars are very sleepy animals - they spend 95% of their time immobile.
  • 25% of all economic transactions depend on movement of goods and people by air.
  • Bavaria exports mineral water to China because the freight cost on returning ships is negligable.
Posted on 01 of June 2011

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